Logotype / packaging design for “Strumento Migliore”, a new founded paint sales company, based in Agrinio / Greece.

The concept / creative idea is associated to the brand name & the initial letters “S” & “M”. Strumento means powerful in English language & Migliore (Italian) is a tool. So our job was to visualize the meaning of these two words. After a research we made, we came up with the idea that the elephant is a powerful animal, which uses its proboscis as a tool. We illustrated the image of an elephant, as the main symbol of the logotype. The letter “S” (Strumento) has been replaced by the proboscis & the letter “M” (Migliore) by the body of the animal. The final logotype is very powerful, unique & simple.

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  • Strumento Migliore
  • Logotype, Corporate Identity
  • 2017