Print Ads design for “Malamatina”,  a very well known Greek winery. Malamatina (Greek: Μαλαματίνα) is the name of a Greek wine brand, mostly known for its retsina. It was founded in Alexandroupoli in 1895 by Konstantinos Malamatinas, a native of the island of Tenedos. The company has facilities in Euboea and Thessaloniki, where has its base.

The concept / creative idea is associated to the fact that Retsina Malamatina is authentic, it is a way of life, it is timeless. It fits with everyone, speaks to the hearts of people & accompanies their most beautiful moments. From 1895 until today, the authentic Retsina Malamatina continues to have the same pleasantly discreet flavor & its peppery aroma. Our purpose was that the whole world tastes it, as our ancestors did. We designed our ads with respect & dedication to the company’s tradition. We produced handmade & hand drawn images, showing the authenticity, the history, the quality & the heritage of the wine brand.

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