Print Ads design for “Jeep”, an automobile company. Jeep is a brand of American automobile & also a division of FCA US LLC (formerly Chrysler Group, LLC). Jeep’s product range consists solely of sport utility vehicles – both crossovers and fully off-road worthy SUVs & models.

The concept / creative idea is associated to the fact that a Jeep vehicle can go anywhere. We made a research about the places & we discovered four of them: Jungle, desert, forest & mountain. So our job was to visualize these places, without showing a Jeep vehicle. In every place lives one specific type of animal. We chose to show the alligator for jungle, leopard for desert, elephant for forest & snake for mountain / rocks. In each case we replaced the letter “J” (Jeep) with a part of each animal’s body. The final print ads were very conceptual, minimal & very memorable, reflecting the power / prestige of the automobile company.

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  • Jeep
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  • 2011